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Most used unix platform as desktop.

View Poll Results: Most popular and widely used unix operating system as desktop
Redhat/Fedora Linux 13 39.39%
Debian/Ubuntu 9 27.27%
Others 7 21.21%
Sun Solaris/Opensolaris 6 18.18%
HP-UX 2 6.06%
Suse 2 6.06%
FreeBSD 1 3.03%
IBM-AIX 1 3.03%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 33. This poll is closed

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# 1  
Most used unix platform as desktop.

Just wonder about this question everytime that how many of us use unix as desktop and prefers which unix platform as desktop.

- nilesh
# 2  
Currently I have 3 systems running Gentoo Linux as desktops; 1 is a laptop, 2 are tower/mini-tower systems. One of the tower systems is going to be replaced by a laptop though. I also have 2 other computers running Gentoo Linux as servers which run email, database, VPN and web services. I also have a couple of other computers running Gentoo Linux, but they are for testing and don't actually run very often.
# 3  
i use fedora on my main system.
the one taht all my family uses.
i have a secondary system that is also runing fedora, but is a left over. it was "mine" and now is my syster pc. she didnt touch it cause is to lazy, but some day she is going to just format it and do something. i still dont know yet (and for my inmortal soul is gona be a gnu licensed OS)
and in my really old (500mghz cpentium3, 128mb of ram, savage 8mb onboard video card) i use gentoo.
this is my personal laptop. so it has fluxbox just because of some webpages dont work with links2 -g :P
oh, and some "movies" (ahem ahem) dont look ok with cacaxine
# 4  
Hello folks.
First post here. I'm a somewhat new user. Tried different Linux distros for several years but until a couple of years ago I just didn't want to go through the trouble it was taking to get things working. A couple of years ago I ran across Mepis and that got me back on track. I've since switched to PCLOS and have been using it for the last year and a half or so. It is the one distribution that has met all my needs with the least requirement to "get under the hood". As things go along I'm starting to learn some of the lingo but I don't have to and that's nice.
I've also found the light weight distros, Puppy in particular.
Glad to be in the fold.
# 5  
You are missing Slackware

Yes, I know, I'm lame, but I have to be grateful to my first teacher, Mr. Sub-Genius :-)

SuSE for my 10 years old son's desktop

Red hat for my wife (dual booted to XP)

Slackware for yours truly. (I know, I know, some people never learn)

Thanks. That was entertaining. I needed that now.

Good luck

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