Getting detail out of a log file...

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Old 08-22-2002
Getting detail out of a log file...

I'd like to peruse a log file and from it generate another file from the first instance of "Jul 11" to the first instance of "Jul 18" within the log file.
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Old 08-22-2002
Re: Getting detail out of a log file...

Originally posted by Cameron
I'd like to peruse a log file and from it generate another file from the first instance of "Jul 11" to the first instance of "Jul 18" within the log file.
Are you wanting Jul 11 and Jul 18 to be the lower and upper limit and display everything between?

For first instance finding, I found this thread (that I participated in) in the search:
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Old 08-22-2002
You could also probably strip that out with a fairly simple shell script - can you post a rough example of the format of the log file?
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Old 08-22-2002
This is the sort of thing I would be likely to want I had a play and see if this will work for you:

start_row=`awk -F"," '{ if ( $1 == "one" && start_def != "True" )
        { start_def="True"; start_row = NR -1 ; print start_row}} ' biglog`
end_row=`awk -F"," '{ if ( $1 == "two" && end_def != "True" )
        { end_def = "True" ; end_row = NR +1 ; print end_row}} ' biglog`
sed -e "1,$start_row d" -e "$end_row,$ d" biglog > new_file

It's probably not as pretty as it could be....and it is assuming that the value will be in the first field..... but you can tweak it of course.
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