running sql in crontab

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Old 08-22-2002
running sql in crontab


i have a scripts that update an SQL DATABASE using sqlplus command.
when i run it in a interactive mode its ok but when try to run it using the crontab i get an a messege :

"Must be attached to terminal for 'am I' option"

(there is no "who am i" command in the script)

and the DB is not being updated....

any ideas?
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Old 08-22-2002
Hammer & Screwdriver We can't help without information

Please post this script
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Old 08-22-2002
the script -

set c_str = "rating_info/rating@bscsprod"
set file=`ls -lrt /var/tmp/Rep4* | tail -1 | awk '{print$9}'`
set workfile="/tmp/Rep4.txt"
set temp="'"
set ttt="\.\." 
cat $file | sed 's/'$temp'/./g' > /tmp/a.txt
cat /tmp/a.txt | sed 's/'$ttt'/-/g' > /tmp/b.txt
cat /tmp/b.txt | sed 's/'\,'/\  /g' > $workfile
rm /tmp/a.txt
rm /tmp/b.txt
foreach stam ("00-04" "04-08" "08-12" "12-16" "16-20" "20-24" "> 25" )
 cat $workfile | grep "$stam" | cut -f2-6 > /tmp/sss.txt
 set s_str=""
 foreach num ( `more /tmp/sss.txt` )
   if ( `echo $num | cut -c1 ` == "." ) then
    set s_num="0$num"
    set s_num="$num"
   set s_str="$s_str $s_num"
 sqlplus $c_str @/bill/app01/bscsprod/scripts/dori/update_delay.sql `echo $s_str` "'$stam'"
 rm /tmp/sss.txt
set delay=`cat $workfile | grep "Delay" | cut -f2`
sqlplus $c_str @/bill/app01/bscsprod/scripts/dori/update_unpr.sql "$delay" 'delay'
set udate=`head -1 $workfile`
sqlplus $c_str @/bill/app01/bscsprod/scripts/dori/update_time.sql "'$udate'" 'update'

added code tags for readability --oombera

Last edited by oombera; 02-18-2004 at 06:45 PM..
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Old 08-22-2002
MySQL O.K - i found the problem and fixed it!

Thanks for help...
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Old 08-22-2002
Data my guess

I really don't know, but my guess SQLPLUS is the cause of the problem.

maybe you can add some debug lines.
e.g. just before you fire the SQLPLUS command you add
echo "next is SQLPLUS" >> /tmp/logfile

to find out on with line the problem occure.

take care

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