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Which log files to watch for size?

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Which log files to watch for size?

I'm rusty with unix admin, and I was just informed by a peer in another city that I need to watch my unix log files for size, but she never told me which ones to watch - and of course, now she's gone for two weeks! I am using Sco OpenServer 5.5 (I believe), can anyone tip me off on the trouble log files I need to keep an eye on? Thanks!

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The system logs are in /var/adm, however they generally don't grow very much unless there's a problem with the server or some services that write to the system logs.

Best to just keep an eye on filesystem space usage using the df command, and if it is rising significantly over time use the du command to determine which files are the culprits.
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the log files

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well. if you dont know, as a sysadmin, what is beeing done ...
i mean, you could have, lets say, bea weblogic installed, and that beast can spawn 1gb log files so fast that looks like a spam atack, and those logs would be anywhere

you should use the find command, to find files with "log" in the name, that are larger than 100 or 200mb

usually, there are some folders where logs go, but there is always that stupid internal develop that logs where he feels like, so there is no rule "watch this one"

normal syslog files dont grow enough to worry, unless your logrotating software is malfunctioning

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