can anybody help me out in writing the script for incrementing the specific field

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can anybody help me out in writing the script for incrementing the specific field

can anybody help me out in writing the any script (awk,shell or perl script) for incrementing the specific field highlighted below


It should be in below format in oneline seperated by commas

/{[1]/data[1]/{[1]/assetMetricsList[1]/[[1]/{[1]/dailyCount[1],/{[1]/data[1]/{[1]/assetMetricsList[1]/[[1]/{[2]/dailyCount[1]........upto 100

Thanks In Advance :-)

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With shells that expand {} (ksh93, not ancient bash, zsh):

printf "/{[1]/data[1]/{[1]/assetMetricsList[1]/[[1]/{[%d]/dailyCount[1]," {1..100}

Or with Z-Shell:

print -- '/{[1]/data[1]/{[1]/assetMetricsList[1]/[[1]/{['{1..100}']/dailyCount[1],'

If the last comma and the missing new line are problematic:

printf "/{[1]/data[1]/{[1]/assetMetricsList[1]/[[1]/{[%d]/dailyCount[1]\n" {1..100} |
  paste -sd,

If you don't have those shells use some other tool:

perl -le'
  push @_, "/{[1]/data[1]/{[1]/assetMetricsList[1]/[[1]/{[".++$i."]/dailyCount[1]" 
    for 1..100;
    $, = ",";
    print @_'


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