Apache Server 1.3.20 Icons Missing and Other Problems...Please Help!!!!

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Old 08-12-2002
Apache Server 1.3.20 Icons Missing and Other Problems...Please Help!!!!

Hi everyone. Okay here are a couple of my problems and hopefully you
guys can help me out.

Problem 1: i have 2 website that are being hosted on a webserver. The
webserver is running redhat 8x and running apache 1.3.20. To make it a
little clearer, lets say website A and website B. Both website A and B
are working from the outside like if I go home and type in both
websites it works and all. But at work or internal network, website B
works perfect (whenever I type in the website name, it pops up the
index.htm file) but website A, when I type it in, gives me a directory
listing instead. How do I solve this problem. Website A is the main
website and Website B is the secondary website.

Problem 2: when I type in website A when I'm at work, the directory
listing shows however the icons of the files are missing. But if I go
to a directoy and then hit the back key on the browser, the icons
appears. If i hit refresh it disappear. I right click on the icon and
see where the pictures are located. I checked the folder and the icons
are there. How do I fix this?

Problem 3: is there a way to view the files in a directory in a
different way. Like a prettier way so to speak. If there is, how do I
do it?

well thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer.
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Old 08-12-2002
it sounds like your apache configuration for website a is misconfigured, an easy, EASY way to do it, is webmin, haha its like cheating but it really is a BIG help and will increase your uptime because problems with your system WILL be fixed alot quicker, go to webmin.com , i hope my answer wasnt too much of a cop-out for you. in apache you can configure what the default displayed file is, in otherwords your index.html , you can set that to be whatever you like, it can be main.html or default.asp , anything, also you have to specify to apache that you want that file displayed, or you want apache to give a directory listing, if dont want to download webmin its ok, just look around the apache config files, you will find it your problem will be easy to solve. oh that issue with the icons, i think that might be a problem with your web browser, not the server, though i am not sure, someone more expierenced than myself can probably help you with that.
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