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Old 07-25-2008
Bug Combine fields and eliminate white space

Good Morning,
Newbie here. Could someone help with shell scripting that will enable me to combine 2 fields into one eliminating the white space. The fields are fixed but the data of course varies.
For example:
First Name: "George " 20 positions"
Last Name: "Washington " 30 positions"

I need to create one field with First and Last Name eliminating the space after George into a fixed field length of 50.

Name: "George Washington "

Appreciate any help.
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Old 07-25-2008
Tools take a look at the following

> fname="George              "
> lname="Washington          "
> full=$(echo $fname $lname)
> echo $full
George Washington
> echo "$full" "*"
George Washington *
> fullt=$(printf "%-50s" "$full")
> echo "$fullt" "*"
George Washington                                  *

I used the "*" to help see spacing on the screen.
The printf commands was the key.
Also be careful of use of " " around variables; using means extra space characters are kept while not using and the shell will truncate extra space characters.
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Old 07-25-2008
Computer Thankyou so much!!

Your instructions were very clear and worked perfectly. You've made my day as I've been working on trying to figure this out for awhile.
Have a Great Day!
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