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Old 08-02-2002
Network Printing

Ok, I found this
and I am trying to follow the section labled
How To Add A Network Printer Using LP Commands

But I just can't get these things to print (SUN hardware).

We have an NT print server or I could print directly to the JetDirect servers.

How do I set up printing from the command line??
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Old 08-15-2002
You need to install JetAdmin in order to help setup network printing. This can be found on the HP web site by searching for Jetadmin.

or try these commands
Pre solaris 8
lpsystem -t bsd <printer queue name>
lpadmin -p<printer queue name> -s<host name> -T hplaserjet -I pcl

Solaris 8 just the lpadmin line

Any problems getting the software contact me on ::removed email::


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