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How to change the file modification time of a file on nfs mount point

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How to change the file modification time of a file on nfs mount point


I am accessing a file on nfs mounted device, after completing using of the file, i am tring to restore the access time and modification times of the file.

So i got the previous modified time of the file using stat() function and trying to set the date and time for the file, To set these values for a file on unix system i am converting stat.st_mtime (time_t structure) to struct tm using localtime() and then set the time and date values for the file using setftime().

But i am not able to use the same functions for the nfs mounted files, Please some body help me to write the similar functionality for setting time stamp for nfs files.

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man touch

nfs modification times should not be an issue. Access time updates are sometimes an issue.
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Can you please explain in detail how to use touch in C code for changing the modification time
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You don't need to use touch in C code. touch is a command. Just read the man page in order to find out the correct syntax. If you do want to use the touch utility from within the C code you need to use the system() system call.
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Can we use the touch utility to modify the time stamp of the file on the nfsMounted device, if not tell me any other options that can be used
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When the touch command is used to change the timestamps of an existing file, it invokes either the old utime() or the new utimes() system call. To change the timestamp on an existing file, you must own the file or be root. Also, you must have write permission on the file or be root. But an NFS mounted file system is controled by the nfs server. It may (and usually does) ignore any root authority from an nfs client. And it may not even be a unix system. It might not even have an real access time for you to modify.
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Touch is a built in UNIX command.

To call it from within a C program, you have to use "system" function

system ("/usr/bin/touch /path/file-name") ;

Syntax of Touch:
touch [-acm] [-t [[CC]YY]MMDDhhmm[.SS]] file...

Please see the man page for touch for more details.

To answer if you can modify the time stamp on an NFS mounted File: It depends on your access permission. If you are able to write to that file over NFS, yes, you can change the access time.



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