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Fsck & Shell

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Fsck & Shell

I have several questions here, would like to confirm with. First why in Linux everytime let say i boot up around nearly to a month i got a message during the Services Loading such as "FSCK havent run for 29 days performing fsck ".

Is there to disable it? Why beacause i want to run it mannualy, much comfortable for me on mannual way. Any ideas.

My Second question is, Now im running Linux 7.2. My shell is Bash. I would like to set my shell to CSH (C Shell). My Question is will there be any system corrupt or massive changes on current system customisation look ? WIll all my things gone after i change the shell ? How to set from Bash to Csh ?

Quite new to the Unix world hope any one can give me some details , some instructions or info.. Smilie

Thank you.
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i dont think there is linux 7.2, i think you mean version 7.2 of your distro. please provide what distrobution you are using. i wouldnt recommed disabling fsck, it makes things alot easier, see the man pages for fsck. im not really sure how to disable it on startup, if i were you i would start looking at rc.config, just go to /etc and search through your config files, use grep. changing your shell wont harm your filesystem, but your bash shell customization will be, because you will be using a different shell, i dont think csh sets the prompt with PS1 and all that, so youll havfe to read about the c shell to see how to do it, i dont know everything so i might be wrong about some of the thigns im saying, but i hope it helps a little at least. if your using SUSE linux you have an easy way out, type YAST at the prompt and you will find everything you need there.
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Thanx for trying. Appreciate.

Anyone have any idea on this matter. Im using Red Hat 7.2. Any help on both questions matter ?


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