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linux labtop

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone can tell me or direct me to where I can find a compatable labtop for linux Redhat. I am concern about the hardware compatablitiy whit labtop and Redhat. THANKS
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Tools linux in laptops

linux will auto prob any thing and make it work but winmodems

i find that if i use lindows or mandrake they work very well then redhat7.3

don't like redhat i use mandrake 8.2 and os X in mac and FreeBSD 4.5 at work thoes work very well to well
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I can second a vote for FreeBSD 4.5 It runs very well on a Toshiba 2100 CDT. Well, at last report it ran well, the laptop was stolen last Friday. Its sure gonna confuse the snot out of some crackhead when he goes to sell it! Smilie
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Most laptops should work great with Linux (?). I have a Compaq presario 12XL202 and everything but the winmodem works, check out for specific models.

Good luck Smilie

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