curl from crontab not working

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Old 06-28-2008
curl from crontab not working

I've got a little php app that I'm trying to call from a crontab entry that's not working. The entry looks like this:

55 * * * * curl -m 600 --connect-timeout 120

When I run curl from the command line, it works fine and I get an email saying so. However, from within cron, it doesn't go. I tried a little echo line that wrote hello to a file and that worked fine so I think I'm doing OK with my cron properties.

Strange. Maybe there's some security restriction on curl? Not sure what it could be.

Oh, yeah, originally, only had curl url and I added the other options thinking that it might be timing out or something. The process does take about 45 seconds to run.
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Old 06-29-2008
provide the absolute path for curl

also redirect STDOUT and STDERR to a file, so that it would be easier for debugging

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