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Counting no of lines between two strings in a file

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Old 06-27-2008
Question Counting no of lines between two strings in a file

Hi all,

I'm very very new to UNIX and AWK world.Please help me in finding a solution for my problem.
I'm having a file like this
~Version Information
VERS. 2.0: CWLS log ASCII Standard -VERSION 2.0
WRAP. YES: Multiple lines per depth step
~Well Information Block
#MNEM.UNIT Data Type Information
#--------- ----------- ---------------------------
STRT.M -0.9144:
STOP.M 1103.6830:
STEP.M 0.0762:
NULL. -999.2500:
UWI . xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: UWI
~Parameter Information Block
#MNEM.UNIT Value Description
#--------- ----------- ---------------------------
~Curve Information Block
#MNEM.UNIT API CODE Curve Description
#--------- ----------- ---------------------------
wwww.M 00 000 000 000: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
AX.MM 00 000 000 000: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx . 00 000 000 000: xxxxxxeeeeeeee
xtyy .GAPI 00 000 000 000: gtgtgvgvhjuipi
wwvv . 00 000 000 000:
-999.2500 -999.2500 45.9415 -999.2500
-999.2500 -999.2500 55.3639 -999.2500
-999.2500 -999.2500 64.7864 -999.2500
-999.2500 -999.2500 74.2088 -999.2500
-999.2500 -999.2500 83.6312 -999.2500
-999.2500 -999.2500 93.0536 -999.2500
-999.2500 -999.2500 90.0697 -999.2500
-999.2500 -999.2500 79.5008 -999.2500
-999.2500 -999.2500 68.9319 -999.2500
-999.2500 -999.2500 64.3118 -999.2500
-999.2500 -999.2500 64.3118 -999.2500
-999.2500 -999.2500 64.3118 -999.2500
-999.2500 -999.2500 64.3118 -999.2500
-999.2500 -999.2500 64.3118 -999.2500
-999.2500 -999.2500 65.0113 -999.2500
Wanted to count the lines between ~Curve Information Block and ~A
and i need a count of no of lines between these two.
I need an output file with the filename and the no of lines present between these 2 pattern.
The no of lines between these patterns can vary.........
I need to do this for morethan 1000 files............
I belive an awk code or Shell script can help me in this..........

Thanks in advance..........
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Old 06-27-2008

this can help you:

echo "" >OutputFile

for file in UrDirPath/*

NOL=`awk '/~Curve/,/~A/ {print}' InputFile|wc -l`
echo "$file $NOL" >>OutputFile

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Old 06-27-2008
root@isau02:/data/tmp/testfeld> cat weekend_is_close.ksh
awk -v filename=$1 '
        /^~Curve Information Block/ {
                while ( ! /^~A/ ) {
                        #print $0
                print filename"_"i
' $1
root@isau02:/data/tmp/testfeld> ./wee*.ksh infile

If you want the filename and the line number added continously to a single file, just redirect the output with >> into a file and change the behaviour for the parameter.
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Old 06-27-2008
Another one:

awk '/^~Curve/ { close(f); c = 1 } 
/^~A$/ { print FILENAME, c - 2 > (f = FILENAME "_done") }
c { c++ }' filename1 [filename2 ... filenamen]

Use nawk or /usr/xpg4/bin/awk on Solaris.

I'm not sure if you want the number of lines as a filename or a file content.

Just realized that probably you want something like this:

awk '/^~Curve/ { c = 1 } 
/^~A$/ { print FILENAME, c - 2 > "all_count" }
c { c++ }' filename1 [filename2 ... filenamen]

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Old 07-15-2008
It Worked fine...............

Thank you very much for this tip...........


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