solaris2.6 command to find/list system configuration

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Old 04-30-2001
Hi. What command can be used to determine the system
configuration. For example I want to find out how much CPU,
how much memory, what CPU and 233mhz or 400mhz, etc.

Please help....
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Old 05-01-2001
Try the "dmesg" command, or watch the boot messages when the machine powers up.
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Old 05-01-2001
'prtconf' will also give you some info. Finding out the cpu speed on a system that has been up for a long time is difficult as it will have been rotated out of the /var/adm/messages file.
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Old 05-01-2001
you can try


This gives you running system info as well as some hardware listing eg: memory swap # of CPU's
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Old 05-01-2001
thanks all. That helped...
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