why is this not working?

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Old 07-09-2002
why is this not working?

hi, does anyone have any idea why this doesn't work


and also if i type in my ip it dont work

my ip

it all works internally.

i setup the server using the latest webmin, and im running redhat linux 7.3

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Old 07-09-2002
Output from nslookup of IP and mx record of ntl.com

Server: myusa.mycom.com

Name: pc2-gors1-2-cust205.swa.cable.ntl.com

> set type=mx
> ntl.com
Server: myusa.mycom.com

ntl.com preference = 15, mail exchanger = mailrelay1-gui.server.ntli.net
ntl.com preference = 5, mail exchanger = mimesweeper1.cableol.net
ntl.com preference = 10, mail exchanger = mailspool1-win.server.ntlworld.com
ntl.com nameserver = ns1.cableol.net
ntl.com nameserver = ns2.cableol.net
ns1.cableol.net internet address =
ns2.cableol.net internet address =

DNS records point to a different domain - ntl.com
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Old 07-09-2002
I changed how I was looking and did get something back - but could not get the PTR.

> set type=ns
> thedigitaldream.co.uk
Server: ns1.mycom.com

thedigitaldream.co.uk nameserver = ns2.dns2go.com
thedigitaldream.co.uk nameserver = ns1.dns2go.com
thedigitaldream.co.uk nameserver = ns1.dns2go.com
thedigitaldream.co.uk nameserver = ns2.dns2go.com
ns2.dns2go.com internet address =
ns1.dns2go.com internet address =

> server ns1.dns2go.com
Default Server: ns1.dns2go.com

> set type=mx
> thedigitaldream.co.uk
Server: ns1.dns2go.com

thedigitaldream.co.uk preference = 10, mail exchanger = thedigitaldream.co.uk
thedigitaldream.co.uk internet address =

> set type=ptr
Server: ns1.dns2go.com

*** ns1.dns2go.com can't find Server failed

You might want to contact your DNS administrator -

found more cableol.net lookup on www.netsol.com shows hostmaster@ntl.com is the contact. So there is a connection but it shows that is where the problem is also. Oh, and if you have DNS running internally or have the www name in your /etc/hosts it will work fine internally - externally you need your DNS admin to fix their entries.

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