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Old 06-17-2008
learning unix


i have started to learn unix (on and off for the past few months) and am wishing to move into that area in the administration field of it.
I have been working in the help desk area (desktop support - windows based) for about 2.5 years and moved into a team leading role for 1 year in which i have totally been fed up with and gave it up.

I currently now study a unix/linux administration course by borris vinnik (from Amazon).

I would like some advise if my material would be suited to find a junior job in the area (any flavor). I have not had luck in the past with trying to attain a junior unix job because of not enough experience and no formal certification. In addition, junior unix roles without any experience show up very rarely here in sydney, Australia.

Are there any other material apart from what i am currently studying now that you could recommend that wont break my budget.

I personally like the linux flavor more though i would not mind going into any other flavor and i would really enjoy the administration side instead of the development side of unix, though does that mean i would need to know heavy programming skills in certain flavors of unix to perform system admin jobs or would that really depend on the job requirements?
Also i am planning to install a Linux OS system and server on a single pc for education, would this be advised? and would this be the most effective way of earning a flavor of unix?
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Old 06-17-2008
Tools Career in unix administration

Donnie -

As someone who has hired computer people for many years, there are a few basic thoughts that go into the process:
(a) Hire someone who meets perfectly the current need. Sometimes difficult to find, and offers little growth potential for the hire. But, provides immediate impact to the company.
(b) Hire someone slightly junior to the role; or without all of the required skillsets. That way, he/she will grow into the job; from company's perspective, investment in the person and will have employee on-board for at least a couple of years.
(c) Hire someone based on 'potential'. This is by far the most difficult. The hiring manager sees something unique in the talent of the individual, and is willing to take a chance on hiring him/her based on the thought that the person can be a star. This does not happen too often for many obvious reasons.

All of that said, most hires fall into the second category. Therefore, to land a job as junior admin, you must either (a) have lots of the other skills the employer is looking for, like telephone support or experience with specific software or experience with other systems in-use; or (b) demonstrated understanding of the unix environment gained through personal work, like having your own linux pc at home or supporting local company that uses unix/linux.

Sys Admin roles can differ from company to company. Some may have a great deal more programming, while others may require more administration (user setup, printers, backup, software, etc..).

Stay active with this board and other resources to develop your skills.

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