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Passing Parameter in SED command

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Old 06-06-2008
Passing Parameter in SED command


I am trying to replace a URL by another URL in the SED command e.g.

cat dir/filename1 | sed -e 's/"http:\/\/[^ ]*dtd"/"http:\/\/\/xyz.dtd"/' > dir/newfile.xml

But I need to pass a parameter to the SED command which should have the new url string i.e. http:\/\/\/xyz.dtd


I tried

cat dir/filename1 | sed -e 's/"http:\/\/[^ ]*dtd"/"$NEW_URL"/' > dir/newfile.xml

but instead of passing the new url, the old url was replaced by string '$NEW_URL' i.e. the parameter did not get replaced by its value.

Please help me in finding how can this be achieved.

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Old 06-07-2008
You need to use double quotes. By the way, you can also avoid cat command and avoid escaping all slashes, providing a sed "delimiter" other than "/" (in my example I've used "!"):


sed "s!http://[^ ]*dtd!${NEW_URL}!" dir/filename1 > dir/newfile.xml

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Old 06-09-2008
Thanks a lot works perfectly fine

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