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Old 04-25-2001
Hi, I have just started a Systems Programming course and am required to write a c shell script as part of it.

I have little to no clue about unix.

The spec states that the script can be run only once on each host by a user, but the script can be run on different hosts by the one user.

How would I go about determining whether the script is running on the host?? and how do I activate the script on a remote host, I tried rsh hostname scriptname, but got some type of protocol error, the script relies mainly on the who command.

all help appreciated...

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Old 04-25-2001
This post is slightly unclear. However, it is common to use rsh (ssh is prefered to execute commands on remote boxes) rsh -l <username> <host> <script>
rsh -l test /usr/src/
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Old 04-27-2001
sorry about being unclear.

I have tracked the problem down to this:

in a shell script, what command will create an empty file?

how can I then test if this file exists and execute a statement conditionally?
if fileexists

also additional questions:

how can I interrupt a background process without resorting to the process table and kill command?

how can I ensure the (infinitely running) shell script exits when I logout, for e.g if I had the script running as
a background process with output redirected to file, it will continue to run, I need to stop this from happening, and ensure that the same code that handles the interrupt is executed whenever I logout.

thanks very much for any help.


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