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Old 05-18-2008
Help with ELIF statement

I am receiving an elif error on line 13 and I can not figure out the reasoning behind it. I have added the then statement that I was initially missing. Any help would be great.

#The purpose of this script is for the end user to be able to enter a positive number
#User enters a number
#If user enters more than one it will return this statement
if [ $# -ne1 1 ] then
echo "Only enter one number!"
#For if the user enters a negative number
elif [ $NUM -le 0 ] then
echo "Enter a positive number!"
#Executionary if statement
while [ "$NUM" -gt 0 ]
printf $NUM
if[ $NUM -gt 1 ] then
printf ","
NUM=$((NUM - 1))

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Old 05-18-2008
You are missing a semicolon before an earlier then. Also -ne is misspelled.

The syntax of the if statement is

if some command or other; then

Because "some command or other" can be as long or short as necessary, you really do need a semicolon or a newline before the "then".
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Old 05-18-2008
It still shows me as having an issue with the done portion of my while loop at the end, I tried moving the done above and below the last statement but it wont work.
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Old 05-18-2008
Did you fix the if inside the while also?
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Old 05-18-2008
Nope...that fixed it though.

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