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Old 06-03-2002
HP hardware specs

A customer gives me the following hardware specs
for a HP-UX server:

Model: 9000/839/K210
CPU Speed: 120 MHz
Physical Memory: 512 Mb.
Number of processors: 2

Can someone give me their comments on this server?
If you would translate this to an Intel machine what is the approx.
equivalent of hardware for a windows machine.

I just need to get a rough idea of how fast this HP server is.
Someone tells me the K210 is rather an old model.
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Old 06-03-2002


You heard right, the K210 is a really old system and compared with actuall systems quite slow.

New cpus have 750 Mhz and are 4 revisions newer. In Intel world it would be like comparing one of the first Pentium I and a new Pentium 4, which means its fast enough for some applications but new applications would be very slow.

When I remember right this server is around 5-6 years old and there are very limited upgrade-parts available any more.

hope this answers your question

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Old 06-10-2002
What is your real question here? Are they asking for upgrade advice? I would suggest at least an N-class. They can run the latest software and are fairly new still. With the V-class being decommisioned, the N-class, L-class are taking more of the focus now. And the newer Superdome and Keystone models as well.

I believe that server class CPUs are MUCH faster than PC class CPUs. On the order of 2-3X faster than a the same MHZ of a PC class.

However, This box is so old that it is probably only comparable to a Intel P2. But, don't think that just because it is old that it is useless. It may be just the environment to run their application.

I am also guessing that they are running an old version of the OS. Probably 10.10 or earlier. I don't think that 11.x will even run on that system.

Old is not necessarily bad. Although, it may be hard to find parts for it.
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