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Old 05-31-2002
Replace the tape backup drive

Please help me!!!. I am new to Unix and I have to replace the tape backup drive. Originally the system had an IBM tape drive (Rhomat) that is damged. I changed it and installed a dat drive HP 5000+. The hardware recognize the drive, the diagnostics if OK. But when I try to install the operating system i get a message that the tape backup is not installed. Do I have to make changes?. I am using a SCO Unix V386.

I will appreciate any help you can provide.


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Old 06-01-2002
Just a few questions. Your post is kinda confusing. Bare with me here.

When you say the hardware recog the drive does that mean that you have the correct driver for the new Tape drive?

Then you say that you are installing the OS. Did you have the OS running before when you had the bad drive? Are you having to reinstall the OS because the box crashed?

Also, just because the hardware recog the drive, that doesn't meant that the SCO unix will recog it without a driver.

check these things and post back.

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Old 06-01-2002
Thank you for your prompt reply. Let me please tell you a little bit more about my inquire. When I say I am newy to Unix I really mean it. I operate computers do not program them.
This system has a special application that runs on SCO Unix and that controls the addreesable scramblers and settops of a CATV operator. I can configure and modify the application but do not know anything about Unix.
About a year ago, the tape backup drive crashed. It was never replaced. Now, the hard disk failed and it was necessary to change it. This is why I need to load the OS again. To do so I require the tape backup drive. I have one available that is the HP 5000+. The computer as said before is an IBM PS/2 Model 90. I reference the system and the computer recognizes the tape, this means it appears as an available device in the set up (configuration) screen. I boot the system with the boot diskette and start with the OS loading process. Then I get a notice saying that the tape drive is not found. I understand that Unix does not recognize devices automatically. I believe that I need to make changes so that it is redirect to the new device ID. But I do not know if this is true or if I am doing something wrong. If I need to make changes: What are exactly those new instructions I have to add?

You say that that the hardware recog the device I need the drivers for Unix. Ok, I can get the drivers from the HP web but How do I load them??

Any help you can provide is welcome.


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Old 06-05-2002
load driver from a patch.

The driver should be in the form of a patch. Which you will have to install. Go to the site. You should be able to find the patch there or it will tell you where to go to get it.

You load the patch with some patch loading utility and then reboot the box, so that the system will use the new driver to recog the tape device.

You should then be able to "see" the tape drive in your init 3 or multi user mode.

HOWEVER, You need to make sure the HP driver works with SCO. Or else you may be wasting your time. It looks like it will work from what you have said.
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