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Old 04-17-2001
Tools books

You might try “Unix System Administration Handbook” 3rd addition from PH-PTR. It is an expensive book, $70, but includes Unix, Solaris, and Linux info. You might have to start with more then one book anyway, even this one does not have all or most. gp
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Old 04-18-2001
Tonight I raced a Sun Ultra 10 workstation (300 Mhz Ultrasparc II) running Solaris 8 64 bit against a PIII 550 x86 box running RedHat 7. The Sun has 128 Mb RAM and a 4500 rpm IDE disk. The PC has 256 Mb EDO RAM and an ATA66 disk turning 7200 rpm. The test was uncompressing and extracting a 127 Mb .tar.gz file. The exact command ran on the PC was:
date > /tmp/pc_time ; zcat docs.tar.gz | gtar xvf - ; date >> /tmp/pc_time

and the timestamp file read:
Tue Apr 17 23:05:58 CDT 2001
Tue Apr 17 23:07:30 CDT 2001
PC - 1 minute 32 seconds!

The exact command ran on the Ultrasparc was:
date > /tmp/ultra_time ; gzcat docs.tar.gz | gtar xvf - ; date >> /tmp/ultra_time

Tue Apr 17 23:11:43 CDT 2001
Tue Apr 17 23:18:33 CDT 2001
Sun - 6 minutes, 50 seconds!
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Old 04-18-2001
As some of you know, we hosted the original linux benchmarks many years ago (since retired). There was no doubt that Intel could be faster than RISC. Of course, benchmarks can be optimize to perform differently (compression, integer math, float math, etc.)

FYI: Here are the old archives, long since retired:
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Old 04-18-2001

I have to admit. When we got the “Sun Ultra 5 Ultrasparc Driven” workstation, 400MHz, 20Gb drive, I asked my boss if should get Intel with Unix on it. But it is for the clients to show we have real “SPARK”. Since then I adjusted and now I somehow do not mind its slow performance. I am Java developer and so performance is very crucial to me. Not too many managers understand that. gp
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Old 04-18-2001
Tonight I raced a Sun Ultra 10 workstation (300 Mhz Ultrasparc II) running Solaris 8 64 bit against a PIII 550 x86 box running RedHat 7. The Sun has 128 Mb RAM and a 4500 rpm IDE disk. The PC has 256 Mb EDO RAM and an ATA66 disk turning 7200 rpm.
Unfortunately, there are too many variables here for this to be very meaningful. If you could equip both machines with the same amount of RAM, and the same type of disks, the results might be more interesting.

The best (informal) benchmark that I have found is to run the <A HREF=""></A> client with the "-benchmark" flag. It has pretty low memory usage, making the amount of RAM largely irrelevant, and disk I/O is almost zero, so you basically just get a floating point/integer benchmark. (still highly unscientific, of course).

PIII, 1Ghz w/ RedHat 7.0: 2.8 million keys/sec.
HP 5 cpu K-class @ 200 Mhz w/ HP-UX 11.00: 2.1 million keys/sec
My old HP C110 workstation, running at 120Mhz w/ HP-UX 11.00: 205,000 keys/sec.
Original Pentium @ 133Mhz w/ Slackware: 189,000 keys/sec
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