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Old 05-20-2002
ports and services

hello all,

in order for me to close ports and remove services that could be a danger to my system i have edited the /etc/initd.conf file, /etc/system file, and renamed some of the r commands. However i wanted to know if anyone knows how to turn off all services and close ALL known ports, so i can open them as i go forward with my installation of new apps etc, etc.

This is Solaris 8 system on a sparc machine

Thanks for your time in advance

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Old 05-20-2002
you can turn off services and ports by editing the

/etc/services and
/etc/inetd.conf file and comment out "#" the required ports and services

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Old 05-20-2002
You can also use SUNLite - a 'firewall' product that gives you a GUI interface to turn off services along with logging. It is free with the Solaris 8 edition.
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Old 05-20-2002
That SUNLITE program: is it free with the desktop version or the server version? Either way, do you know the packages associated with it? Any help is greatly appreciated. I wasn't aware it was on there.

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