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Old 04-08-2001

Hello everyone!

First I would like to say that I am very glad that I found this forum, and by some of the posts I have viewed, I see that I can learn a lot from you all!

Secondly, I know next to nothing about Linux/Unix (gotta learn sometime right?) and need some assistance.

I am a freelance web designer and love to learn new things! My current goals/plans are to:

1) to broaden my skill base by learning more about the Unix system;
2) move away from the Microsoft family and begin using/learning Linux (I've heard it's great, and it's stable too!);
3) also learning PHP/MySQL (broadening again) lol;
4) want to set up a "server" in my home using an older computer (only one other home computer will access this "server"). I want to "see" what the website will look like and act like on the "home server" before I upload it to the web hosting company. I need to see what a normal (static) site will look/act as well as a dynamic site (PHP/MySQL) will act/look like before I spend the big bucks leasing my own server;
5) learn the Linux/Unix skills to maybe one day obtain a job doing this.

Am I on the right track by downloading the Linux software? I just need alittle help on where to begin. If some of you have done something similar to what I am attempting to do, I would really appreciate your input.

Thanks again for all your help and interest!
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Old 04-09-2001
Yes, you are on the right track. Many site, including this one, run on Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL. This is a great combo and if you master these 4 your will be very far down the road.
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Old 04-09-2001
Thanks Neo...but now what?

Thanks Neo!

Ok, now, where do I go from here?

I want to turn my "old" HP 8655C into a home server (I guess). Don't forget, this "server" will not access the internet, but rather, by my other (home) computer connected somehow.

I am running win98SE and would really like run a dual boot system if at all possible since I want to occasionally utilize the CD burner, CD-ROM and other cards I have installed. The HD is not partitioned. I have a 533MHz processor (single) and 128MB RAM with a 30GB HD (with about 25GB free).

The on Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL sounds great! But how much is all that going to cost me? I know I can get PHP & MySQL for free of the net ( & When I go to the Linux page ( or I get about a dozen DIFFERENT versions (from dif. Companies prob.) of Linux to download (to be honest, I thought Red Hat was the only version available till I saw those pages). Which version is the one am I looking to download so it fits nicely in the on Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL bundle?

Also, isn't Apache expensive?

Sorry about all the queries ... told you I was a newbie! ( I can't wait till it's MY turn to help others out!)


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Old 04-09-2001
First you might want to check out some of the recommended books:

These are all the ones that have been recommended in this forum for various subjects. You will find some good introductory books there -- Unix in a Nutshell, Unix Shell Programming, etc.

You can get Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP for free from the Internet. If you do not have a high-speed connection it will take you a long time to download everything you need. I recommend buying a CD distribution of Linux such as RedHat, Suse, Mandrake or Debian. Try for the lowest-price CD's. Buy the official RedHat package if you want phone and/or email tech support -- that one runs about $30. You can easily dual-boot one of these systems, the install process will walk you through the set-up.

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Old 04-10-2001
congratulations on choosing LAMP ( <b>L</b>inux <b>A</b>pache <b>M</b>ysql <b>P</b>erl | <b>P</b>HP. Most extensible, useful and popular combination on the Internet today. In the past seven years, LAMP has become the foundation for many of the Web's most successful businesses. With these four components, there is virtually no Web-based service that cannot be provided. And it won't cost you a dime. How's that for economic viability?

All your fears are meaningless when you come to LAMP. All these components can be freely download. and all these are well documented. and it is easy to setup Linux and windows on one coputer(read Apache is included with Linux distribution. Mysql can be download form

Start Learning Linux with command-line. Ofcourse, there are many X-Window packages and managers out there and some are as easy to use and much more sophisticated than windows! However, the power is still at the command line. Hence, I would suggest learning the basics of linux without an X-Window interface. The one thing that is consistent across every distribtution is the command line. Nothing beats the speed of the command line. If you access your machine remotely with telnet, the familiarity with the command line and the myriad of programs available allows you quickly and without the need for a slow X-Window type interface.

visit it contains documets that describes how to turn your computer a productive linux box.

happy Linux Smilie

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Old 04-11-2001
Computer Getting started tomorrow!

Going to run to the computer store tomorrow and get the Linux-Mandrake Operating System 7.2 Complete. It's around $30 i think and comes with 4 disks. I know I can get it for free off the net, but since this is the first time i am working with Linux/Apache, etc., I want the printed information that comes with it.

I wonder if PHP or MySQL comes with it .. but if not, I can get them off the net too!

I'll keep you posted on how it goes. I will prob. install before Easter, and play with it afterwards.

Wish me luck and if you can offer any more advice...I would appreciate it!

Also, I like the reply to the above thread "what is the difference between Unix/Linux" ... I didn't even know that!

Thx again!.

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