UNIX PATH info required PLEASE HELP (I'm new to unix)

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Old 05-10-2002
UNIX PATH info required PLEASE HELP (I'm new to unix)

I need to know how to enter a unix path in a cgi script for a guest book:


My URL is http://www.kitachi.info

I have an html file in the main folder on my site, the file is called :


what would the correct unix path for this file be ???

the part of the script I'm working with looks like this, but I know the actual address/ path is wrong..


I've been playing around with it for ages but it's started to drive me insane!

You can see what I'm trying to do if you goto:


Then try and submit the form.

Basically , I think that when the form is submitted from the html to the cgi script, the cgi needs to look back through the folder directory and pinpopint the gbook.html file (using the unix path).

I've asked the tech support at my server about this but they aren't much help.

Am I mad, or can someone help me ??

Thank you very much in advance :O)


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Old 05-10-2002
try file:/ (only one slash) as a header before the path... or http:// , then the URL for the page.
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