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Old 04-06-2001
Hi Everyone
I am building some A Class HP boxes as web proxy servers, have just installed HP-UX 11.00 and am starting to configure one according to our standard build policy.

However on the A Class I just happened to place the software depot this error message keeps popping up every 2 mins:

Fri Apr 06 BST 2001 16:21:03.041842 ERROR Subsys:STREAMS Loc:00123
717 16:21:03 8822266 1 T.. 5321 30 tcp_rput_other: case T_ERROR_ACK, ERROR_prim == 1

I don't recall doing anything out of the ordinary - other than connect this and the 4 other machines I am building via the LAN console port on their rears, through a hub and into a PC where I can have 5 telnet sessions running on the same screen (saving me jumping from console to console) - is that the cause?

Any help would be appreciated, I need to get this built yesterday. LAN is ethernet by the way.


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Old 04-10-2001

sorry I keep replying to my own posts heh but I found out the problem. if you have a HP A Class server don't set the lan console ip and the machine ip on lan0 the same, or else this produces a conflict in STREAMS/UX whereby collisions occur. the t_error_ack means that an acknowledgement cannot be recieved from some software (sw in this case) due to collisions.

hope this saves someone some grief in the future!



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