How can I find a user profile

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How can I find a user profile

Hi, I want to know how can i find a user when he has logged in and how many times and days
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The last command shows logins
last -100 username

last jmcnama
jmcnama  pts/4        Tue Apr 15 09:51   still logged in
jmcnama  pts/1        Mon Apr 14 09:02 - 16:33  (07:30)
jmcnama  ftp          Fri Apr 11 12:31 - 12:33  (00:02)
jmcnama  pts/2        Thu Apr 10 08:53 - 16:25 (1+07:31)
jmcnama  pts/2        Wed Apr  9 09:14 - 16:29  (07:14)
jmcnama  pts/2        Tue Apr  8 16:44 - 16:58  (00:14)
jmcnama  ftp          Tue Apr  8 16:34 - 16:35  (00:01)
jmcnama  pts/2        Tue Apr  8 09:05 - 16:37  (07:31)
jmcnama  pts/3        Mon Apr  7 08:55 - 19:12  (10:17)
jmcnama  pts/1        Fri Apr  4 08:57 - 18:46  (09:48)
jmcnama  pts/21       Thu Apr  3 10:57 - 08:56  (21:59)
jmcnama  pts/21       Thu Apr  3 10:21 - 10:57  (00:36)
jmcnama  pts/23       Wed Apr  2 12:48 - 13:38  (00:50)
jmcnama  pts/1        Tue Apr  1 14:09 - 20:06 (1+05:56)
jmcnama  pts/4        Mon Mar 31 09:10 - 20:20  (11:09)
jmcnama  pts/7        Fri Mar 21 09:38 - 16:17  (06:39)
jmcnama  pts/17       Thu Mar 20 11:33 - 20:22  (08:48)
jmcnama  pts/13       Thu Mar 20 11:12 - 11:12  (00:00)
jmcnama  pts/13       Thu Mar 20 11:11 - 11:11  (00:00)
jmcnama  ftp          Tue Mar 18 15:37 - 15:40  (00:02)
........... goes on and on

login count by day and number of logins
> last jmcnama |\
awk '{arr[$3 $4 $5]++}
     END { for(i in arr) {cnt++}
     print "logins", NR, "days ", cnt }'
logins 254 days  144

change the username to whatever you want.
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does the output of "last username" help?

(to late Smilie)

btw. i moved the post cause it has nothing to do with ip networking!

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