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Old 05-16-2002
Originally posted by killerserv
boris the eth0 as you said is the network services started to grab an ip or trying to activate the network card during the boot up. If you dont have a network connection you can disable it buy starting X and disable the network services. Or disable it during startup. I got this thing happend before but i managed to configure it.
Thanks, I'll check it out! it really lags on my two PI 100's! (untill, of course I remove the network card... Smilie )
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Old 05-16-2002
Ouch. Kernel panic isn't good, although it isn't your fault.
Does this system work with any other OS?

You may have some bad components (memory, CPU, system board, etc...)

If it works with any other system than Redhat Linux, write down all of that crappy error text and codes, and file a bug report with Redhat.
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Old 05-16-2002
I hope you have subscribed to under the brim, the RedHat newsletter, It may give you some links for help with such bugs.
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Old 05-16-2002
This looks like it may be related to your problem

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Old 05-16-2002
Thanx Guys, You're cooooooool!

hi, u can't even imagine how nice you were to me and how relaxed I was whenver I wanted to install the penguin, coz I knew there're some ppl who take care!!!! Some good news and bad news, first, the bad news: till I don't become somehow experienced ( means knowing at least unix commands) and entering that beautiful code into the LILO, as it's written in that URL that dear Rellips contributed, I can not install RedHat on my comp! then the good news: in the 16th installation, of course not at home, but in the company, I could SUCCESSFULLY install that on a Pentium II !!!! Smilie
And I could finally see RedHat's view and smell its environment, ( I somehow forgot to say that after one hour of working, it said that a fatal error occured, and GNOME is crashed!!!), I think I have to install it again, but it's working at least, thanx to you all, you're really friendly, and I hope one day I become somehow experienced that I can solve others problems too, you're really great, thanks

PS: When I installed that as a workstation and it came up, I put a video CD in that comp, and RedHat showed a film icon for the file that I found out it recognized the file type, but when I double clicked on that, the CD-ROM started working, but I couldn't see anything on the screen, when I attempted to eject the CD-ROM, it just didn't come out, and when I right clicked on the CD-ROM icon on the RedHat desktop ( I mean the first page, I dunno if i can use desktop for redhat too ) and chose "unmount", it didn't do anything and I just restarted the computer to get my CD back! is it normal?
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