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Old 05-12-2002
Power WorkStation or Server?

ohhh, my God, It seems that I can never install it! anyway, I've been looking around for some Free E-books on Red Hat, they're lots of them on Linux, but as for as RedHat flavor ( at least I learned one word! ) I couldn't find anything, about that message, I can't remember exactly, it's just after those green OK messages, you know, a long line, then a green OK in []!! and it's about "killing" sth., I didn't get much! Today we tried to install that in the company, the guy there chose "Server" when he wanted to install, I told him that this computer isn't gonna work as a server, but he said never mind! it didn't have any problem and we could install it, it just had some problems with the monitor and couldn't configure that, so, the page was all messed up and we couldn't see anything, but it was installed, I'm thinking that I have to choose "Server" while installing, at least it works! the question that now I have is that, is there any free Ebook on Red Hat 7.2 or other versions? thanx, but I don't think that I can do anything without a good book. thanx for your invaluable helps
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Old 05-14-2002
Take Heart...It usually takes me three or four times to install a new OS and learn it.

Sounds to me like the Xwindows configuration is not working correctly (on workstation version) Xwin is not installed by default on server so that probably works. You can get to a character login by hitting <ctrl> + <alt> + <F1>, so you can fix the configuration of Xwindows. You can use xconfigurator to mess with the config. (The last time I had an X windows problem like this I told the x configurator that I had 1/2 of the video memory that the vid card had to get it to work)

Online Red hat manuals are available here: http://www.redhat.com/support/resour...wto/rhl72.html
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Old 05-15-2002
If you don't mind a change of flavor, FreeBSD has excellent documentation. Take a gander at http://www.freebsd.org/handbook/. It has proven to be a pretty good guide.
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Old 05-15-2002
I still can't get X to work the 'right' way w/ my vid card, but just choose 'generic' everything and 1MB vid ram.
I suggest that instaed of grub, use LILO as ur boot loader. If you can get X to work, ur home free!
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Old 05-15-2002
oh yeah, and by the way... if the message that hangs your computer is something like
detecting blah blah blah eth0:
it will hang for a long time trying to detect a network (if there isn't oneto be found)
and, if you forgot to install a dektop (GNome, KDE, etc...), I don't think X will work...
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Old 05-15-2002
boris the eth0 as you said is the network services started to grab an ip or trying to activate the network card during the boot up. If you dont have a network connection you can disable it buy starting X and disable the network services. Or disable it during startup. I got this thing happend before but i managed to configure it.
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Old 05-16-2002
Computer After 15 times installation, it still doesn't work!

Hi everybody, thanks to boris and everyone who tried to help me, but it seems that u have to make a thread for dumber ppl in your site, After 15 times of installation, when Gurub comes up, and I choose RedHat, and after lots of messages comming on my screen, I see this and then computer hangs:

Code: 0f e7 06 0f 6f 4b 08 0f e7 4e 08 0f 6f 53 10 0f e7 56 10 0f
<0>Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!

Also at the 14th time, when I saw that damn Gurub, I entered <p>, and then entered my password, and chose to come up as root ( I dunno much things about these names! I just know that root is sth like administrator in windows 2000 server that we have in university!), when it's comming up, I got the following message, and that penguin hanged again:

Kernel Panic: Aiee, killing interrup handler, in interrup handler- not syncing.

At the 13th time, I got this when Gurub came up:

Call Trace: [<co1356db> [ <c0136976>] [<d0012ee8]...
also some codes in here that I can't remember, then
code: 8959 04 89 40 08 89 73 04 89 58 04 57 9d 5b 5e 5f c3 8d b6

Also when I'm trying to partition my harddisk during installation with Disk Druid, when I define a / (root) partition in the free unpartitioned space of my hard disk, it says:

"Warning: Boot Partition / may not meet booting constrains for your architecture. Creation of a boot disk is highly encouraged."

Also it doesn't detect my monitor, that's a LG Studiworks 775E
My CPU is Duron 750 MHZ, and my motherboard is Giga 7VMM, and as u might know, a 7VMM has Graphic Card and SoundCard on itself, and the display adapter's name is: VIA Tech VT8361/VT 8601, that I also can not find it in RedHat's graphic card detection menu.

Dear boris, I also installed LILO instead of Gurub several times, but when the computer starts up, it doesn't show Gurub2 Starting, instead it write Gurub... and then hangs, it means I even do not get those lines b4 hanging, at the begining it hangs!

I'm beliving that my system isn't compatible with this penguin, or I'm really such an idiot who can not install it, besides, I'm a web designer, and maybe it's better that I go through my HTML and Flash stuff instead of messing with different operating systems. anyway, thanx to you all for your help, but I don't think even you, with such experince, ever saw someone who installed Linux for 15 times and it still didn't work!
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