How to test for files with a particular extension.

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Old 05-09-2002
How to test for files with a particular extension.

Is there any way on Ksh to test the files having a particular Extension?

My program looks something like:

for i in *$1*
if "$i" != files with ext of .Z
compress -f $i

Any suggestions???
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Old 05-09-2002
compress script

you could replace the high lighted bit with

if ["$1" != *.Z]


replaced the entire script with

find (directory name) ! -name *.Z -exec compress -f {} \;


using the find command will compress any file that is not compress in the specified directory.

make sure you specify the right directory and do not specify the root directory.

for example
to compress any file in /var/log directory
the syntax will be

find /var/log ! -name *.Z -exec compress -f {} \;

warning: do no spacify the root directory, only use the find command for log directory
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