Restoring a single file...???

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Old 05-08-2002
Restoring a single file...???

Can anyone please help...?

Managed to do a ufsdump of files to tape. Having trouble using ufsrestore to pull a single file back by filename??

I have dumped a single file to tape also because looking through the other threads, I noticed that you have to tell it to skip files before you get to the one you want to restore. Hope this is understandable?? Either way I just need to pull one named file back.

Thanks for helping Jonathan.
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Old 05-08-2002
Read the man page on ufsrestore - it gives you all the information you need to do a interactive restore.

I'll try to put the sequence in but it's from memory and I don't know if it will be exactly right.
Let's say you do a ufsdump of /, /usr, /export, /opt to a single tape.

To restore a file xxx from /export/home, you would load the tape into the tape drive (write-protected) and issue commands in order (your tape device may be different):
# mt -f /dev/rmt/1n 2 fsf
# ufsrestore -ivf /dev/rmt/1n
ufsrestore> cd home
ufsrestore> add xxx
ufsrestore> extract

You can also use the what command inside the ufsrestore interactive to insure you are on the correct dump file and ls to show the files in the 'directory'.
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