Find and replace character in a string

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Find and replace character in a string

Hi all,

My problem is the following:

I've a script that must list all files in a directory and write this information in a text file.

I've tried to get the list through ls command and then write it using msgecho

msgecho "`ls $PATH_APS_JOB_ORA`"

This works good but the created string is very long, having the line with all files in the list separated by a blank space.

Is it possible to store the ls results in a string variable, replace the space with \n and then write it into the text file?
In this way, the text file will be more and more clear...

I've read about sed and grep commands: is it possible to apply them to a string? How?

Thanks to all will help.
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Use the below command to write the list of files to file.

find /Required_Directory/ -maxdepth 1 -type f -exec basename {} \; > file

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maxdepth doesn't work


I've tried the solution you propose but it says that maxdepth is not a valid option for find command...

Furthermore, what basename means?

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If the maxdepth option does not work for find on your OS, use the below command

find /Required_Directory/ -type f -exec basename {} \; > file

But this will give you the files recurrsively present inside directories inside the actual directory.

If you need files only in the required directory,use the below command.

ls -l /Required_Directory/ | grep "^-" | tr -s " " | cut -d" " -f8 > file

check if the 8th field is filename, if not change the field number.

For your clarification, "basename" command will give you strips the directory path and gives only the filename.
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Question answered

Thank you so much!

Now I'm using the following sintax

ls -l $PATH_APS_JOB_ORA | grep "^-" | tr -s " " > $PATH_APS_LOG_ORA/file_list.log

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A new question!!!


a new problem was born.

the code you suggested works very good but now I'm trying to list in the text file more than one file list.
If I repeat the operation two times, calling the ls command on two different folders, the text file is overwritten and the first data are lost...
How to write in append mode on the text file?
In alternative, is it possible to specify two or more different folders in ls command?

Thanks in advance!
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change your code to be

ls -l $PATH_APS_JOB_ORA | grep "^-" | tr -s " " >> $PATH_APS_LOG_ORA/file_list.log

The append operator is >>

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