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sending mail from unix


I am using mailx command to send mail through Unix. But I am able to send mail only within my domain. If i want to send mail to some other server, it's not working. Like say If I want to send mail to someone on gmail or yahoo it's not working. but it's working fine within my company domain. Can you please help me out how can I send mail out of my company domain also using it?

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Your MTA is not configured right, or your mail administrator doesn't want you to. What MTA are you using and how much do you understand about configuring it?

Can you run mailq and see any pending messages of yours?

Do you get bounce messages for the ones you try to send to the outside? If so, can we see one?
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I am not authorized to check mailq.

we are using SMTP as MTA. Please let me know how to configure it.
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SMTP is the protocol. Maybe you mean SMTPD, which I have no experience whatsoever with. Anyway, if you can't even check the mail queue, you can hardly be expected to have privileges to modify the MTA configuration.

Can you telnet localhost 25 and post the result here? (Just type quit and hit enter when it appears to hang.)

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