Change Account to not lock account if password expires

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Change Account to not lock account if password expires

I have access to 15+ UNIX boxes at work, and I do not consistently log onto all of them over time. When I do try to access one I havent been on in awhile, my account is locked as the password has expired.

I need to request to the UNIX SA's that the password expiration is 90 days and that if it expires, it prompts me to change my password, instead of locking the account. What is the technical commands of my request is my question so there is no mistaking my request.
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Ha, 15+ system - try 400+. And I'm sure others have bigger numbers to contend with.

You explained yourself fine - cut and paste what you put here into an email to your UNIX SA and he/she will understand what you want to do. Of course, that doesn't mean you can get it - it's usually a Security issue - accounts get locked automatically and normally the UNIX SA isn't the one who makes that policy. But it doesn't hurt to ask.

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