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Old 04-25-2002
Search for strings

I am trying to replace the word ACTIVE with 2002 in a file and I am getting the following error. Does anyone know what this means?

$ sed "s/ACTIVE/2002" mydata.txt > yourdata.txt
sed: 0602-404 Function s/ACTIVE/2002 cannot be parsed.
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Old 04-25-2002

sed '/ACTIVE/s//2002/' mydata.txt > yourdata.txt
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Old 04-26-2002

sed "s/ACTIVE/2002/g" your_file > new_file
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Old 04-26-2002

They both work, but what is the difference between what I had:

sed "s/ACTIVE/2002" mydata.txt > yourdata.txt


sed "s/ACTIVE/2002/g" your_file > new_file

What does the g do?
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Old 04-26-2002
you are missing a slash (/) after 2002 in your original command.

sed "s/ACTIVE/2002/" myfile.txt > yourfile.txt

this replaces the first occurrence of text ACTIVE with 2002 in each line.

g means it will replace all occurrences of the text ACTIVE with 2002.
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Old 04-26-2002

that helps.
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