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Old 04-24-2002
Question rsh & rlogin

I'm trying to execute the next command:

" rsh CompName date "

which means i want to get the date from a machine which i have its CompName.

but i get the answer : "Connection refused"

what do i need to do ?
how can i sign myself as user or guest in the other machine ?

thanks in advanced
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Old 04-24-2002
i wouldn't recommend to use the r-commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp). Instead try ssh (ssh, slogin, scp), they are MUCH more secure (encryption and strong authentication model).

$ ssh -l inbal CompName date


EDIT: As for the question you asked.. Smilie
The CompName's firewall is probably set to reject incoming connections to the rsh-port.
Also make sure the computer you're on is allowed to connect( /etc/hosts.allow on CompName )

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Old 04-24-2002
Actually, the r* commands are fine if you have a trusted network as we do where I work. I use rlogin and rcp on a weekly basis. If you are in an unsecure network, JP is correct. Also, JP may be right in saying that your r*commands and rsh may be disabled by your company.

If they are not disabled...
I would recommend using rlogin and rcp if you can setup .rhosts on your servers.

All servers must be in a trusted network to use these safely. However, I would prevent users from having .rhosts in their home directories because they would be able to allow unwanted access to your systems.

To configure .rhosts, have each system name in the .rhosts file on the other box, usually in the / or /root directory depending on your OS configuration.

Then you could use rlogin to get to the other box or rcp to copy to or from each box.

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