Possible to give sudo access to subdirectories?

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Possible to give sudo access to subdirectories?

Say I want to give someone access to /example/directory/* where * equals all the sub directories inside of /example/directory

I tried doing something like

joe DEV1=(ROOT) /example/directory/

But that doesn't seem to want to work. If I give him the full subdirectory path, like..

joe DEV1=(ROOT) /example/directory/something/apache/

He can run everything but I'd like to make it a little broader than that.

Is this possible with sudo?
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Maybe I will get some Good Friday luck?
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Looking for help please?
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sudo is mainly a facility for controlling access to commands. Can't you give those directories a specific group and then add your guy to that group? That sounds a lot less dangerous, unless he really needs to be able to respawn init(8) in that particular directory (just to make a point).

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