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Old 04-18-2002
Yes...there are a three individuals that will have access to this server. Which is exactly the reason that i would like to perform this alteration. I guess i'm just a very cautious individual. people can do things( however un-intentional)...that can really screw it up. I've done it myself.

As for the chmod command, I already know how to use it. Which is shown by the fact that i changed the previous dir to 644. I have already reduced the services down to an minimum.
I have utilized the Deception Toolkit. Set various cron jobs to check system file integrity, password strength, /tmp directory alterations, alteration of number of SUID/SGID files, fingerprint of OS ports, etc......

I don't think that i really need to change anything else then the permissions to keep authenticated users from making a devastating mistake to my system.

I have been allowing some good friends...check out the Linux OS. My contribution to the advocation of all the *nix OS'. Smilie

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Old 04-19-2002
For the most part, most distributions should be fairly sane with their permissions. By default, the worst a user should be able to do is wreck their own stuff.
I can say though, that you might consider adding something like:
umask 027
to the /etc/profile if any of you are using bash/sh/ksh (bash is usually the default on a Linux system). This will default the creatoin of their new file to be read-write for themselves, readable only by other group members, and locked out by everyone else.

And don't give them root access!
If you use sudo, make sure it's set up correctly.

Edit: corrected some spelling

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Old 04-19-2002
Backup policy required.

Thanks LivinFree for deleting that post about the rm command.

Are these guys friends of yours? Guess not...

If you are really this paranoid about your users, I would suggest you get some kind of backup policy in place. And a worst case recovery policy.

If these users are as incompentent as you believe, you MUST have a Backup Schedule. At least perform a tar of the root filesystem and important directories. I would also suggest, if you can do it, burn a copy of your system to CD. After you get it the way you want it. If you have a backup program, that would be great.

As a 5 year admin, I can tell you I have never had a users screw up one of my boxes, of course I could just be lucky.

I have done more damage myself than my users ever did. Nothing serious, but I caused some downtime at work a few times.

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Old 04-19-2002
walk into

find checklist's (can help you), get funny, and learn.
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Old 04-19-2002
I didn't delete any post, but I'm sure glad someone did it for me Smilie
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