Print Multipul Fiels as One shot

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Old 04-10-2002

I hope I got it now ;-)


ls -ltr | grep xxx | grep yyy | grep ... > list.txt

And than vi the file list.txt

hope this meets your expectations.

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Old 04-10-2002

Fine I have the output in result.txt what I will do after I vi result.txt I don't want to view it I want to print each file in my result.txt
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Old 04-10-2002
inpavan has given you what you ask for. Please read all posts trying to answer your question before saying they don't work.

I am also closing this thread, since a new thread is active by the OP, and merging them together at this point would only confuse things further. Please don't post the same question multiple times, geoquest.

Please follow up to the thread over here:
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