How to find Day of the Week from the given date (Perl)?

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Old 03-06-2008
How to find Day of the Week from the given date (Perl)?

How to find the Day of the Week of the given Date using perl?
If I have a date in YYY--MM-DD format, how to find the DOW? Based on that, I need to find the following sunday.
Pls help.
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Old 03-06-2008
Although you may likely handle it with primitive Perl functions (such as Time::Local and localtime()), I would suggest leaving it to a module specialized for that job.

Date::Calc - Gregorian calendar date calculations -
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Old 03-06-2008
Thanks for your reply.
I initialized
Date::Calc qw(Day_of_Week);

and used the following code in my logic,
$dow = Day_of_Week($year,$month,$day);

But iam getting follwing error
Can't locate Date/ in @INC (@INC contains:....

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Old 03-07-2008
Can any one help in this pls...
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Old 03-07-2008
You have to install that module yourself as it is not shipped with Perl.

Steffen Beyer / Date-Calc-5.4 -
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Old 03-07-2008
Thanks for your effort.
Iam able to write up my own code.

my $MaxDate = '2008-03-07';

my ($MaxYear, $MaxMonth, $MaxDay, @monthDays, $YearSec, $MonthSec, $DaySec, $i);
$MaxYear = substr($MaxDate,0,4);
$MaxMonth = substr($MaxDate,5,2);
$MaxDay = substr($MaxDate,8,4);
@monthDays = (0,31,28,31,30,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,31);
(($MaxMonth = 12) && (--$MaxYear)) if (--$MaxMonth == 0);
while (++$i <= $MaxYear) {
	(!($i % 400) && ($YearSec += 366)) || (!($i % 100) && ($YearSec += 365)) || (!($i % 4) && ($YearSec += 366)) || ($YearSec += 365);
$YearSec = $YearSec * 24 * 60 * 60;
(!($MaxYear % 400) && ($monthDays[2] = 29)) || !($MaxYear % 100) || (!($MaxYear % 4) && ($monthDays[2] = 29));
$i =0;
($MonthSec += $monthDays[$i] * 24 * 60*60) while (++$i <= $MaxMonth);
my $DaySec = ($MaxDay-1) * 24 * 60 * 60;
my ($sec, $min, $hour, $mday, $mon, $year, $wday, $yday, $isdst) = localtime(18000+$YearSec+$MonthSec+$DaySec);
$year += 1900;
$mon += 1;
my $ProcessDatetime = sprintf "%4d%02d%02d%02d%02d%02d",$yedar,$mon,$mday,$hour,$min,$sec;

later found another simple method of
	my $MaxYear = substr($MaxDate,0,4);
	my $MaxMonth = substr($MaxDate,5,2);
	my $MaxDay = substr($MaxDate,8,4);
	my $weekday =  strftime("%u", 0, 0, 0, $MaxDay , $MaxMonth - 1, $MaxYear - 1900, -1, -1, -1);
	$MaxDay += 7-$weekday;
	my $sunday =  strftime("%Y%m%d", 0, 0, 0, $MaxDay , $MaxMonth - 1, $MaxYear - 1900, -1, -1, -1);

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