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Strange Results

I am using th following to get the percentage and have never used bc before:
percent=$(echo "scale=4;(34117/384000)*100" | bc)
percent=$(echo "scale=2;(34117/384000)*100" | bc)

Why do I get the results of 8.00 instead of 8.88 when using a scale of 2. I only want 2 decimal places but don't know why it changes it to 8.00. Can anyone help?
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Hammer & Screwdriver It is where you multiply by 100

You should multiply by 100 before the division (to make the numerator of the fraction larger). See examples below:

> percent=$(echo "scale=4;(34117/384000)*100" | bc)
> echo $percent
> percent=$(echo "scale=4;(34117*100/384000)" | bc)
> echo $percent
> percent=$(echo "scale=2;(34117*100/384000)" | bc)
> echo $percent

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Strange Results

Thank you. Guess I should have remembered my basic math rules of multiply before divide.

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