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Old 02-28-2008
Basic variable questions

when you see something like this

export SOMEDATA=.:/somedir/files

what does the ".:" mean?

I think the the "." alone would mean current directory but the ":" together is kind of new to me.
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Old 02-28-2008
You are quite right... so it means /somedir/files & in the "current directory" (can lead to unexpected issues...)

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Old 02-28-2008
It depends on the meaning of the SOMEDATA variable itself... What you put after the equal sign is only a string of characters!

If SOMEDATA is, for example, the PATH variable, the colon is used to delimit each directory. In your case, the specified directories are two: "." (=current directory) and "/somedir/files" directory.
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Old 02-28-2008
When I echo $SOMEDATA I get .:/somedir/files

What I'm not seeing is the purpose of coding this. Are they assigning 2 directories to SOMEDATA? One being current and the other being /somedir/files delimited by ":"?

BTW, I need to decipher scripts for work and I'll have more questions from the looks of it.

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Old 02-28-2008
I would say, for a search path perhaps: look first in current directory if not found go to /somedir/files. But I fell like you.. Why would you expect something in 2 locations...
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Old 02-28-2008
But thanks, I guess its clearer now.
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Old 02-28-2008
But ":" can also be a substring operator to extraxt a part of a line (man expr...)
Dont see what else (hope I have helped a little..)
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