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Is there an option, for cat, head, tail, or is there any way, to display a file from last line to first? For example, my file
looks like this:


and I would like to print or display it like this:


# 2  
If file contains;

sort -r file

will output;
# 3  
sort -r file

This will only work if the original file is in alphabetical order. The proper solution is to use 'tac' (which is the opposite of 'cat').
# 4  
or cat file | perl -e 'print reverse <>'

# 5  
cat file | perl -e 'print reverse <>'
Just do perl -e 'print reverse <>' file

However, the down side to the perl method is that the whole file must be read into memory. Could be a memory-hog for extremely large files. I believe 'tac' uses seek to read through the file, so that you can view files of arbitrary size. Usually not a problem though. The perl method is good if you dont have 'tac' installed.
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Yes, use of cat there shows useless usage of cat. Smilie

Thanks for pinch on nose warning PxT.


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