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Old 02-12-2008
Error 'awk' syntax error

Due to some syntax error, my below code is not working.


nawk '
cur_val=0; cur_zero=0; cur_nine=0;
sum_zero=0; sum_nine=0;

/^[0-9]/ {

if("cur_val" == "0")
printf "Current Zero: %d\n",cur_zero

if("cur_val" == "9")
printf "Current Nine: %d\n",cur_nine

printf "Sum of Zero: %d\n",sum_zero
printf "Sum of Nine: %d\n",sum_nine
Print "Job Done"
} ' file.txt

#Where 'file.txt' contains below data :

Please suggest me to correct the above code.

Thanks / Lokiman
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Old 02-12-2008
I didnt had nawk, but i do have awk and gawk.
i tried with that and it didnt give syntax error.
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Old 02-12-2008
Power problem not with 'nawk'

It is not the problem with awk or nawk.
Problems are:

Below printf functions are not printing the result.

printf "Current Zero: %d\n",cur_zero
printf "Current Nine: %d\n",cur_nine

Below printf functions are printing the values zero's.
printf "Sum of Zero: %d\n",sum_zero
printf "Sum of Nine: %d\n",sum_nine

Expected result is:

Current Zero: 2
Current Nine: 2
Sum of Zero: 40
Sum of Nine: 100

Please recheck this...
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Old 02-12-2008

The problem was identified by my colegue.

It is cur_val=substr($0,1,1);

instead of earlier: cur_val=substr($0,5,2);

Sorry for the pain... Thanks a lot
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