Digital Unix OSFI problem

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Old 03-20-2001
Hi guyes ,,,,

One particular server (Operating system is Digital Unix OSFI) only responds to http requestes by Internet Explorer, and display empty page when the same page is hit through Netscape Navigator Smilie

any help ?

good luck

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Old 03-20-2001
Sounds like a browser problem rather than a Unix problem. What happens when you "View Source" in Netscape? Does the page use any Javascript? Javascript is often not compatible between the two browsers. Recommend using lynx instead.
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Old 03-20-2001
The setting in the browser options could be different. One could have setting turned on that are Java related; the other could be turned off (for security or other reasons).

One could have the correct plug-in, the other might not. Depending on the complexity of the HTML, many things can happen.

What is the nature and structure of the HTML code in question? This will give a clue (as PxT suggests) on the nature of the configuration problem.
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