Simple make file questions....i think, thnx

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Old 02-01-2008
Simple make file questions....i think, thnx


I'm a noob when comes to make files....

My intentions for the use of my make file are not that of a usual compilation, etc.

It is simply to copy some files from a RCS controlled area to a public area which has read rights only for a web page.

My dilemma comes in the form of sub directories and how to handle them and the files in them.

Let say that I have the following dir structures.



I want to copy all files from

as well as all the files in the sub directories.


Here is what I have so far:

DESTDIR1 = mydomain/public_htm/test1
DESTDIR2 = mydomain/public_htm/test1/test1sub

TARGETS1 = test1.html
TARGETS2 = testsub1.html .htaccess user.pass
SOURCES = test1.html testsub1.html .htaccess user.pass

all: $(TARGETS1) $(TARGETS2)

install1: $(TARGETS1)
if [ ! -d $(DESTDIR1) ] ; then mkdir -p $(DESTDIR1); fi
@for f in $(TARGETS1) ; \
do \
/usr/sbin/install -c $(DESTDIR1) -m 444 $$f ; \
install2: $(TARGETS2)
if [ ! -d $(DESTDIR2) ] ; then mkdir -p $(DESTDIR2); fi
@for f in $(TARGETS2) ; \
do \
/usr/sbin/install -c $(DESTDIR2) -m 444 $$f ; \

install: install1 install2

BTW, this make file resides in the dir:

I have used this approach when only one directory and multiple files need to be copied and it has worked.

I've read the man pages and the info pages and I'm still a bit lost on how to implement this.

I've seen the suggestions of having another make file in the sub directory, etc, etc, etc.

I really want to know what the best approach is, and some hints on how to implement it.

A few other things to note, it doesn't seem to want to copy over the .htaccess file, any suggestions.

Thank you in advance.

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