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Old 03-11-2002
Bug Hello Everyone

Hello, I am new to UNIX. I want to know how I can run UNIX on my computer and keep Windows 98. Do have to partition my hard drive? I have 2 hard drives. Is there a way to run UNIX? I want to learn more about it. I know DOS so how hard is it and how long would it take me to know the basics? I know it is a lot of questions, but I'm just starting out.

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Old 03-11-2002
As per you are new in Unix checking the FAQ in this forum is a must Smilie helps for you to understand something a bit.
For partitions yes you need them. Anyway what version of Unix you wish to install. Also for unix based partition you need two partiton one is for the Unix to boot (Usually set as "/") and another is the Swap space (This usually depends on your RAM Capacity. For beginners/nebies like you there is another solution. Take your time either surf thru the net or read some unix books first before venture thru the installation. Also check the Webpage for Unix version that you wish to install.. might help for the H/Ware requirements part..
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Old 03-12-2002
You do not necessarily need to partition your drive. There are versions of Unix that sit in a directory like a regular file in Windows, then when run, will reboot your system into that Unix.

But, like suggested above, read the Simple Rules to posting in the Unix.com forums, the FAQ sections of the forum, and finally search the forum for more information.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to post them in a new thread.
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