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Old 01-22-2008
Originally Posted by andou
I tried this with a test directory of 17 Randomly named files. The result was sh: test: too many arguments 13 times and sh: test: Photo: binary operator expected 2 times. However, 2 of the files came out as expected: FILE002 and FILE003.

Sidenote: This is with .jpg files. I changed "FILE%03i" to "FILE%03i.jpg", so the two files came out: FILE002.jpg and FILE003.jpg. None of the other file names changed.
I think you have spaces in your filenames, which my script didn't handle. It's simple to fix by putting double-quotes around filenames....
for i in *.jpg
   test -f "$i" &&\
   mv "$i" $(printf "FILE%03i.jpg" $c) &&\

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Old 01-22-2008
Worked like a charm!~

Thanks Ygor Smilie

And thanks everyone for the great replies ^^
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