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Old 03-08-2002
Data Unix help needed!

I have a few questions about Unix. Can you please help!

1.How do I create an alias that greps the password file for my username and returns my password file entry? Once I get the alias to work I want to be able to let a friend use it .So that he can use the alias to locate his password entry without having to make any changes to the alias.

2. When you normally execute the man command the output is display one page at a time. What man command option would you use if you did not want the output of the man command to be displayed by pages?

3. What effect do the redirection characters have on this string command? cat > hh < file
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Old 03-08-2002
For your first question, I would use a
simple shell script; not an alias.

Your second question, use "man -P cat ..."
which would change the "man" pager to the "cat"

Your third question, the result will be that
"hh" will contain whatever "file" contains.

Now for the discalimer...
Since this is your first post, I'm going to
assume this is not homework. We typically do
not like to answer homework questions, at least
not without the poster actually doing some
resarch and attempting to find a solution
on their own first.
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