problem with relative pathing

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Old 01-17-2008
problem with relative pathing

Hi all,

My directory structure is as follows

so this command
find home/md/DEV/MIS/LANDING -name MIS_Customer_\*
is giving me the desired output
since i dont want to hardcode the path ie)home/md/DEV i opt for relative path like
find ../../MIS/LANDING -name MIS_Customer_\*.(since my scripts are in SCRIPTS/DAILY).because of this, am getting output
../../CIS/LANDING/MIS_Customer_20080114.txt which is undesirable.instead i want it like /home/md/DEV/MIS/LANDING/MIS_Customer_20080114.txt...pease help me to do this.or let me know if there is anyother workaround

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Old 01-17-2008
Maybe something like this....

cd ../..
find `pwd`/MIS/LANDING -name MIS_Customer_\*
cd -

That "cd -" returns you to your last directory is most modern shells.
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